Return timeseries of appraisals for a given asset.
Up to 100 appraisals can be returned.
If no start or end is provided, the most recent 100 hourly appraisals or 100 days of daily appraisals are returned,
depending on if the window size is hourly or daily, respectively.
Every asset has 2 weeks of hourly appraisals and 120 days of daily appraisals available to return.
Appraisals are returned in DESC order by of creation timestamp (newest first) unless only a start is provided (no end),
in which case they are returned in ASC order (oldest first).
The wei value of daily appraisals is the median appraisal for the day,
and daily appraisals include a summary object containing summary statistics for the calendar day of appraisals
e.g. min, max appraisals for a given asset in a given day.

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