Wallet Label Overview

Why We Created Wallet Labels

Blockchains are transparent. This means that you can see the activity of any address on the blockchain. The problem is that it can take a lot of work to actually make sense of that data – especially the data most useful for interacting with the NFT market.

When deciding which NFTs to buy or sell, it’s important to know which communities the smartest collectors belong to, which collectors are most likely to accept bids, etc. Traditionally, identifying these things has been very difficult for most collectors/traders. Luckily, Upshot is working on making it easy to identify top collectors and help people build more effective trading strategies.

Wallet Label Overview

Upshot Wallet labels are a set of indicators that identify specific strategies, holdings, or activity by a wallet. By adding wallet labels to Upshot’s set of NFT financial tools, you can more easily identify whales, flippers, citizens of Gooch Island, and more.

This information can be useful if you are trying to copy their trades (Ex: “Whale”), increase the likelihood of a bid being accepted (Ex: “Usually Accepts Bids”), or simply want to know what sort of wallet you’re looking at (Ex: “Bot” “DAO” “Multisig”).

With Wallet Labels providing you with a quick and easy way to identify and understand a wallet and its activities, you can spend more of your time building smarter trading strategies.

Wallet Label Definitions

NFT VaultA wallet that is an NFT vault
Diamond HandsA collector has diamond hands 💎 🙌
FlipperA wallet that flips NFTs (holds them for a short period of time)
Active BidderA wallet that actively bid on a lot of NFTs
Usually Accepts BidsA wallet that is accepts bids somewhat consistently
ExchangeAn exchange contract
Wash TraderA wallet that has been known to wash trade
MultisigA wallet that is a multisig
Smart NFT TraderA wallet in the top 100 addresses of realized profit or top 100 addresses based on gmi
Active MinterA wallet that actively mints NFTs
Floor CollectorA wallet that collects floor NFTs
Grail CollectorA wallet that collects grail NFTs
Blue Chip CollectorA wallet that collects Blue Chip NFTs
Gen art collectorA wallet that collects generative art NFTs
Gooch Island CitizenA wallet that holds CryptoDickbutts and understands that 1D=1B
SweeperA wallet that sweeps NFTs
OG NFT CollectorA wallet that has been collecting NFTs since before 2021
DAOA wallet that represents a DAO
WhaleA wallet with a large portfolio
FishA wallet that has lost a lot of money trading NFTs

These are just the initial set of labels we’ve identified as being useful to our users. We’ll be continuously identifying new wallets and creating new labels as the market evolves.If you have any feedback on these labels or come across any wallets you think are mislabeled, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll be working on improving these rapidly.