Upshot Glossary

While there are millions of points of data floating out there in the NFT world, most data is not obviously useful for developers who are developing projects in the NFT financialization sphere.

As a result, Upshot has created an API to provide the interpretation layer for NFT data. We provided a glossary to help simplify these ideas down even further:

best dealsListed NFTs where Upshot's appraisal value is significantly higher than the listed price
gmiA single powerful number that helps identify high performing wallets. More information on the methodology can be found here.
gmi > 900Wallets that are in the top 10% of the gmi grading score that indicate that they are very big collectors and traders with a proven NFT track record
liquidity score (coming soon)A single powerful number that helps identify how easy it is to buy into and move out of a collection based on trading volume, number and quality of NFTs listed, and number and quality of offers placed.
MAPEMedian Absolute Percentage Errors. These capture the โ€˜typicalโ€™ error. A MAPE of 10% would mean that half of our appraisals have an error of 10% or less.
market capTotal value of the NFTs in a collection as determined by Upshot appraisals
metatraitA trait that is not originally noted by the artist that is important to identify for rarity scoring. Example: Day 0 Chromie Squiggles
volatility estimates (coming soon)A single powerful number that helps determine the volatility in a collection with regards to appraisals
smart flownet volume by >900 GMI wallets
smart holder percentPercentage of holdings that are owned by a >900 GMI wallet

If there are any other terms that you are unfamiliar with, please feel free to reach out via any of our channels on our Community page and we are happy to help clarify!