What is Upshot?

Financial Infrastructure for NFTs

Upshot provides deep insight into NFT markets and unlocks a wave of new DeFi possibilities. Leveraging novel machine learning models and crowdsourcing technology, Upshot provides near-real-time price feeds for NFTs regardless of how frequently they change hands. This creates a broad new frontier of NFT markets, enabling an entirely new class of financial primitives -- from NFT indices to synthetics.

If you do not already have an API key, we invite you to request one here!

The Upshot API is the easiest way to get near real-time prices for any NFT, with one of line of code. Upshot currently produces price estimates for 87,000+ NFT collections (~104,000,000 NFTs) with industry-leading accuracy (3-10% MAPE). In addition to pricing information, the API also provides a variety of other relevant data (such as metadata, collection-level information, trait-level information, user information, and more).

Some examples of things made accessible through the Upshot API include:

  • Real-time prices for any NFT from 87,000+ collections (~104,000,000 NFTs) with industry-leading accuracy (3-10% MAPE)
  • Wallet-level insights including a novel grading index for NFT wallets: gmi
  • Up-to-date information around collections, traits, NFTs, wallets, and more
  • Enhanced Meta-trait Analysis
  • Real-time market stats (e.g. volume, average price, floor price, market cap, etc.)
  • Deal discovery: find the best deals among listed NFTs across marketplaces relative to Upshot appraisals

NFT marketplaces, portfolio trackers, DeFi x NFT protocols, and any other project in need of near-real-time NFT pricing data can integrate the Upshot API to provide accurate prices for a wide variety of non-fungible assets.